Rafter 6 Quarter Horses - Crooks!!!

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Rafter 6 Quarter horses (Christina Beaver iS NOTHING BUT A LIEING, STEALING CROOK!!!

I took my Appaloosa mare to her in good faith that she could sell her for me. She sold my mare and I have never received a dime and my horse is gone. I don't even know if she got a decent home.

Do not deal with these people!!! She is now practicing under another e-mail address. Red Rock Texas is the location.


She acts like she is your best friend. You will need an attorney to follow on her deceptive practices. Can't afford. so money and Mare gone.

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Actually.You got your horse's payment.

I was their the day she sold your horse.

If she did sell did sell your horse and you didn't get any thing, why didn't you take her to court?Exactly.


Hello, my name is Angel and I have no idea who this person is but she has listed my phone number on her web site and I have been getting many calls about her and her horses, I am not sure what to do about it now !

Rafter 6 Quarter Horses, Red Rock Texas was found guilty in District Court of Deceptive Trade.

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Christina Beaver and Tarah McGhee are not to be trusted.Many people have written to me about their experiences with her, but are afraid of what she might do to them if they post anything.

This can be verified by contacting the sherriff's dept. I wasn't scared and I sued her. She and her unregistered, non tax paying business was found guilty in Bastrop District Court of Deceptive Trade Practices and the court says she owes me 27,000.

I have been unable to collect.This can be verified through public records or contact the Sherriff's Dept

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Christina and Kyle were my tennants.They stole over 20k worth of equipment and were very destructive.

They are liars. Very simply they are horrible human beings.

I wouldn't bother to *** on them if they were on fire...Unless I could *** gasoline


The writer of this thread is clearly a fake.

He or she, only made one post. So (s)he basically made an account to just to complain.

to Braiden Beaver Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #587736

that doesnt mean shes a fake it means she is trying to warn innocent people that are likely to become victoms of theirs if they have any doings with them as i was


Tina you are such a liar! I dealt with you when I bought my mare and you later admitted to me after I manipulated the conversation that the mare always had a problem...maybe you are just to ignorant to realize you were party to a scam operation


Fox news did a story on her and was unable to prove any of the "good experiences", but dozens of bad experiences.The stories keep coming.

I recently heard she spent some time in jail for her dishonesty. I'm assuming you are not familiar with the facts of my story. Ask her about the bad check she wrote to the Mr. Wilson, the hay guy.

Honest is honest.

She has hurt a lot of people and that was proven in court and by an investigative reporter.I'm gald you had a good experience.


I worked at her ranch for 2 summers.I showed horses to clients, and kept them in shape.

I never had any problems with the horses, and certainly never drugged any of them. I got one of my horses from her and he's been a dream.

Horses have their days, and act differently in responce to different people.Ever think maybe its you....?

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Rafter 6 Quarter Horses - Rafter 6 deceptive business practice

Lovell, Maine 2 comments
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Complaint against Rafter 6 Quarter Horses Red Rock Tx.I have been making payments on a horse and now find the horse is still being offered for sale.

They will not respond to e-mails or phone messages. So far have been unable to find if horse is even on ranch. Have found court a=cases involving deceptive business practices by this place. Address 885 Bateman Rd--Red Rock Tx.

78662 Phone 512-332-2773.

Feel like I have lost my money paid so far over $2000.00 In contact with county sheriff's office .So far no action from them.

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Again, I worked for Christina for an extensive periood of time and had no problems with her trade practices.We never drugged any horses and we were always honest with our clients.

Horses attitudes and habits can change depending on a number of things.I think people are over reacting.


what ever happened with this case of yours

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